Wildlife Photography, learning to keep your photographic ducks in a row.

Keeping your ducks in a row is an old expression for sure but some expressions are useful and timeless. Photographing wildlife is complex and involves a process with many individual steps or “ducks” to keep in sequence if you want the best outcome. Most people who haven’t tried wildlife photography think you just walk out the front door, take a photo of an animal and put it online, mainly because these days with smart phones that’s how most photographs are taken. People who photograph wildlife regularly for business or pleasure know it’s a bit more complicated than that. In order to produce an average wildlife photo you could plan to just get lucky once in a while but to produce good quality wildlife photos consistently, they have to be preceded by a significant amount of study and preparation, as well as a multistep post processing routine. Photographing Ducks is fun and is a good way to illustrate the multiple steps that are involved. Lets’ take a look at how I like to keep my ducks in a row while photographing ducks.

Mallard drake taking wing.

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